Comfort and liberty by Chloé

“I let women to be free to express themselves, to move, to discover themselves through light dresses, dreamy prints and delicate textures. I think this is the sublimation of the greatest expression of femininity ”. Natacha Ramsay-Levi, creative director of Chloé, describes her spring/summer 2021 collection in this way and takes the opportunity to reflect on how each individual interprets the clothes they wear in everyday life.


The woman on the catwalk fully represents the archetype of the Amazon. The softness of the dresses that don’t mark the silhouette, the floral prints, the slave sandals and the jewels transform the Maison’s way of dressing, by communicating the importance of comfort and the liberty of movements after this period spent between masks and protections.


The protagonists of the collections are the accessories. Belts, which adorn every look highlighting the waistline of the Chloé woman. Gold and silver jewels, which have an ethnic style characterized by pendants that look like amulets, rings with stones and bracelets which, sumptuous, stand out on the wrists and forearms of the models.

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