Working with Donatella has been for all of us in CALVIN KLEIN WATCHES + JEWELRY a precious experience. Her knowledge of the jewelry world, her curiosity and passion in sharing her view and challenging new languages, her extremely pleasant attitude always respectful of other’s opinion while making clear statements - all this has enriched myself and my team. Donatella was always happy to expand her commitment within the project and became very quickly a great ambassador of the jewelry category as well as a very credible source of inspiration. With Donatella’s insight and support, the product team has been able to create new icons and develop a new approach to jewelry - for which she also helped to create communication and confidence building tools.

Carlo Giordaneti - Swatch Group: SWATCH International, Member of Product and Design Committee. The SWATCH ART PIECE HOTEL, CEO. CALVIN KLEIN Watches & Jewelry,President

Strong , obstinate, machiavelian, in a nut shell a great consultant….She was the person we needed in that specific moment. The market is full of people that work well but Donatella has a plus: she always goes ahead to the next challenge, this is why you can really trust her and her expertise.

Maurizio Cavezzali - Equipe Milano President

Donatella supported Liv srl in the definition of the business plan for the jewellery collection. Together with the creative and production tean she defined the price and market positioning , creating the first basis of a project that is starting to be well known. Working with Donatella has been a very positive experience. From a professional point of view, her preparation and experience have really helped the launch of the iniziative. Next to this , the personal relationship with her has been characterised by sincerity and honesty, thanks to these qualities you create a total trusty relationship that today is not for granted.

Francesco Figliomeni - Amministratore Liv srl Livia Nasi gioielli

Donatella has a talent for identifying designers’ individual strengths; she knows how to get the best from her design team and who best to allocate to each project.
Parallel that with her strong sense of market trends and instinct for product development, she makes a great manager.
Working with Donatella has been a pleasure and a relief.

Naomi Filmer - Freelance Jewelry Designer and Artist

I had the privilege to meet Donatella and work with her on the re-branding project for Santo Spirito. It is very rare to meet people like Donatella who are able to work on a project conjugating, with incredible simplicity and spontaneity, a rigorous professionality and passionate enthusiasm.”

Professionally speaking, Donatella impresses you with a capability to perfectly interpret the specifics of the project supporting it with her competences and expertise in a focused and “personalized” way: this is undoubtedly a great asset.

She is a very pleasant person : instinctively attracted by trends. Working with Donatella is a “cultural” experience, more than just a professional .

Cosimo Granaglia - Amministratore Unico BIEMMEA


Determination,perseverance, curiosity together with a constant evolving thought, all mixed with a feminine touch ad a slight Emilian accent.
Who can resist her?
The answer lays in her long career !

Sonia Benigni - PR Director Pomellato

Donatella used to work for Swarovski for many years as Head of our Jewelry Design Team.
Under Donatella’s lead the collection was developed from its early stages to an advanced assortment that is appealing to a large target group.
Strongest proof of Donatella’s contribution is the impressing development of our Jewelry sales during her years at Swarovski, which still continues today.

Robert Buchbauer - Membro del CdA Swarovski

It was great working with Donatella, we were lost until we found her and then all was a breeze. She connected us with some of the best suppliers and her insights into our brand and jewellery was very insightful Am happy to have met her and am happier that she is a friend too.

Intisar AlSabah - Founder of Intisars Jewellery


Your eyes talk of you.
Sincere, sparkling and intelligent.
Eyes that observe and shine.
Eyes smiling to life, always.

Grazia e Marica Vozza - Creatrici di gioielli a Capri

I met Donatella at the Bocconi Master program in Fashion, Experience & Design Management as a guest speaker in my classes of industry analysis in the fashion industry.
I was struck with her ability to transfer complex subjects in an easy way, creating a very positive learning atmosphere. I continued to invite her in the next years and I had the opportunity to test how open she is to confrontation with young people.
I’m now working with her in a course on Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies for IES: she’s clearly a major expert in her field but what I appreciate the most is the passion and the very positive attitude she puts in everything she does.

Erica Corbellini - Fashion and Design Management Team Leader SDA Bocconi School of Management


I have known Donatella for a number of years but only recently had the privilege of working with her directly.
I witnessed firsthand her ability to brilliantly lend her expertise and knowledge to a challenging project and harmonize this into a beautiful jewelry collection.
Her sense of beauty, design competency and professional skills are welcome assets to the jewelry industry.

William Gust - Managing Director Head of Global Sourcing & Customization Genuine Gemstones & Created Stones Swarovski Gems


In her teaching Donatella brings her invaluable indepht knowledge of the creative process in jewelry design.
Thanks to her expertise in trends, marketing and brand DNA, as well as her insight into a designer’s potential, she is an inspirational lecturer.

Elizabeth Fischer - Director of Jewelry Department Head Geneva


It has been a great pleasure to work with Donatella. She supported us in the development of our collection during start up phase and we have been positively amazed by her competence and reliability. Donatella is very skilled and passionate about her work, this is why we really appreciated her professional support. Her assistance helped us to find the right way to define our first collection thanks to a high level professional support. Donatella has been an important and friendly colleague always ready to help us in any area of business and it was great to work with her from a professional and personal point of view.

Fabiana Coalova Tousché