Intuition selects the material, the mind directs the hand, form behaves as the ambassador for the creativity in an object; but every company has a material that defines their identity. – D. Zappieri


Each individual company has its own aesthetic described by a hero material or a hero component.
Experience has led me to develop a sensitivity to this, always working in synergy with a company’s hypothesis and identity.
I believe material must be representational, and must provide a company’s identity and its product definition.
By bringing the essence of new trends my service offers fresh design directions and developments engineered to my clients specific needs. Together with my carefully selected creative team I offer new developments and directions. I consider each project to be a collaboration with both client and creative people; much like a journey guided by observation and intuition.

My competence derives from years of experience and are an indispensable benefit every time I embark on a new project.


  • Building from scratch Jewelry Departments for Luxury Brands
  • Business development and financial results delivering
  • Drafting, monitoring and budget optimisation
  • Capability of reading and interpreting numbers and figures, optimizing your ROI
  • Negotiation with markets and key distributor to support the brand development
  • Selecting talents and managing unit resources.
  • Facilitation of different functions
  • Relational capabilities and good standing


  • Market Analysis
  • Business planning
  • Branding and positioning strategies
  • Integration of marketing needs into creative briefs
  • Strategic implementation


  • Trend research and forecasting
  • Definition and implementation of creative strategies
  • Managing and coaching of creative teams
  • Monitoring of ideas from initial stages to final prototype
  • Recruiting, training, and motivating creative staff
  • Solid network of designers and ability to select according to company needs
  • Good understanding of the design process and relationship with creative teams


  • Collection structure and merchandising plans
  • Cost analysis and price range definition based on positioning and competitors
  • Solid network of suppliers and manufacturers
  • Competence and understanding of model making process as well as production steps
  • Constant monitoring of production, development and deliveries


  • Creating and developing a strong and consistent brand identity
  • Customized, integrated communication strategies
  • Product launch and placement by developing strong concepts and appropriate communication tools mix
  • Implementation of communication activities and commercial relations
  • Selecting and managing communication agency: pitch, concept optimization and roll out
  • Content creation for offline and digital communication
  • Creation and management of events