Academic Experience

Teaching is sharing our own experience but at the same time it allows you to keep a strong bond with students and their evolution.
Young generations have a different way to observe reality around them and they are for me the mirror of what is happening.
In my teaching experience, being frontal lessons or coaching sessions, I always ask students to have a global vision of the subject, studying our past history and at the same time updating themselves on what happens daily, keeping an eye on future.
I teach both in English and French, I meet with students of different nationalities and my courses are theoretically but also focus on practical exercises and workshops.
My constant request is to observe the market (domestic and international) with a careful and open eye with special attention to new technologies.

Head Ginevra

Head_GinevraBachelor: workshops on trend research, stylistic identity, collection structure.
Management of a collection, pricing policies and product positioning.
Ad hoc workshop for companies with the goal od designing fine jewelry collections or specific products. (ie. Swarovski, Piaget, Adler, ecc.)

Master: coaching on individual projects (jewelry and accessories). Project ‘Link with Industry’ that enables students to translate a creative idea into a commercial project working also on prototyping.
Courses in French and English.


Director of Master in Luxury Marketing, full time program, taught in English.
Director of Master in Fashion Management, executive program, taugh in French.

IES Abroad Milano

IES_AbroadCourse in English on ‘Management of Fashion and Luxury companies’ addressed to American second year Bachelor students.

IED Milano

IEDFine jewelry design and prototyping course. The course is taught in English to 3d year Bachelor students.


Domus Academy Milano

Guest Speaker in the ‘Master of Luxury Goods’ program. Course in English

IULM Milano

IULM Guest Speaker in the ‘Master of Luxury Goods’ program. Course in Italian. Guest Lecturer in the ‘Master of Made in Italy’ program and organisation of study tour abroad. Course in Italian.

MAFED Bocconi Milano

Member of the Professional Faculty and Guest lecturer.

Professor Zappieri has singlehandedly transformed my innocent interest of fashion into serious career ambitions thanks to her poise, graceful teaching skills and keen eye for style and design. She truly is a great source for understanding the logistics of a complex industry.

Diego Gomez (Fordham University, Pre-Law, New York. Former IES Abroad student)

Donatella was my workshop teacher during one semester at HEAD. Coming from fine art studies, Donatella introduced me to the jewelry creative design process with a beautiful energy and such positivity. She had the ability to make the work looks easy and the challenges doable. She managed to take and develop the best of each of the students. I really learned a lot from her and I still focus on the importance of spontaneity and pleasure in creation she taught me.

Nelly Zagury (Designer, former student at Head Geneva)

Professor Zappieri always provides engaging material to teach the theoretical parts of the luxury and fashion industries, while pairing it with her personal experiences at Swarovski. This creates a one of a kind learning environment that prepares you with both the background knowledge you are expected to know and a sense of personal experience.

Andrea Johnson, Junior (Simmons College former IES Abroad student)