Anna Maccieri Rossi, a case study.


In my professional career, I had the great opportunity to meet many talents who approached me to ask for advises and inputs to develop themselves from designers into brands.

Today as a interesting business case, I would like to introduce you to Anna Maccieri Rossi, whom I met as a student at Creative Academy and since then we have been constantly in contact having the chance to share and enjoy a beautiful relationship based on a great common passion for art, jewelry’s and watch’s design. I still remember when we met in Basel, a life ago, and she was just at the beginning of what she created today, thanks to her creative talent, her business wisdom and a good dose of passion and courage.

Anna always loved designing and was brought up in her mum’s atelier, a wonderful space where you could buy stones to make beautiful jewelry. Since then, she was always fascinated by gems, their colors and shapes and she was able to transform a passion into a profession. After her degree in Science of Communication, Anna studied at “ Le Arti Orafe “ in Florence and then she was selected for a Master at Richemont Creative Academy.

After an important experience in the design office in Cartier, Paris, Anna was hired by Jaeger LeCoultre where she was designing for 5 years the high jewelry watches and accepted to live in a small village, le Sentier.

Thanks to this experience, she understandood how much jewelry and watches seem to be different and distant and at the same time they have many common elements. It will already be in these years when she started thinking of her own collection, nurturing the idea to creatively combine these two worlds.

It will take a few years and many interesting consulting experiences at Bulgari, Tiffany & Co ( 5 years of collaboration) and Ferragamo to prepare her to the next challenge: launching her own personal jewelry collection: Anna Maccieri Rossi.

The collection enhances Anna’s experience of the passed years and creates an universe where time is the hero, finding its right space by articulating memory through imagination.

A creative dream where details and nuances are perfectly balanced and at the same time an homage to the Metier d’art and a sensitive mixture of Made in Switzerland and Made in Italy.

The first collection was successfully launched at Vicenzaoro in January 2019 and then presented at Couture in Las Vegas in June 2019. Since this show, “Muse Showroom” in New York is the official distributor for Us market and from then  the historical “ Fratelli Piccini” in Florence, in Ponte Vecchio, is the boutique who carries Anna Maccieri Rossi Collection in Italy.

Here enclosed pictures of collections “Ora” in the version with blue Aventurineglass-stone used a lot in the highest Swiss watchmaking, and “Night and Day” collection, which are worn on white (or clouds) by day and then scrolled on blue (or stars) for the evening.

The whole Anna Maccieri Rossi brand is inspired by the concept of Time, therefore everything revolves around the theme of change and movement. That must be lived and loved, never wasted.

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