Grazia e Marica Vozza

I know Grazia since a long time. I still remember the first time we met: we were both young talents looking for our right professional path and love for jewellery and aesthetics were our common ground. Since then, even-though we didn’t work together for a while, we kept in contact and, interesting enough, we developed a strong bond while living in different places, myself in Milan, Grazia in Capri. We came together once again in 2010 when Grazia and Marica started their business partnership with Bergdorf & Goodman, an icon of luxury and elegant refinement and, thanks to a fantastic week together in New York for their first personal appearance at the department store, I also got to know better Marica, Grazia’s twin sister.

Yes, they are twin sisters: a perfectly complementary pair expressing themselves through a single idea. Grazia has the creative drive, Marica the pragmatic concreteness. These fantastic ladies decided to put these strengths in common and launched their jewellery collection in 1999 opening in Capri a cozy workshop, a short stroll away from the famous Piazzetta. Soon their business developed so in 2006, the two sisters relocated their shop to Via Fuorlovado, the street on which Capri craftsmanship provides an elegant contrast to designer shop windows and opened a gallery store that soon became a model of refinement  even beyond the island, earning international appreciation.

I recently went to Capri to meet them on the special occasion of the opening of  “Finestre di luce” (Windows of light) a small boutique that leads to their gallery store. The idea behind is to promote the new line that takes inspiration from the curvy profile of the small Moorish window symbolizing the eclectic age of Capri. The whole line is in  burnished silver and gold. Each piece  is easy to wear, versatile and colorful. Mix and match is the key to get the best assortment and look.

Marica, please talk about the gallery, where is it located?

In Capri, on Via Fuorlovado, down a short flight of steps shaded by bougainvillea. We were immediately inspired by the warm light of its vaulted ceilings. Here, the attention is drawn up by a glass window that unexpectedly serves as a frame for a bright Capri garden. Only the most attentive visitors notice the small Moorish window, a symbol and expression of Capri’s eclectic past: that unparalleled age in which the island served as a haven for brilliant, eccentric and unconventional artists attracted by its pristine beauty. In this evocative atmosphere, the spirit of the collections becomes tangible, allowing one to contemplate the unique nature of the creations.


Grazia, please talk about your inspiration, your collection:

Inspiration is inside me… Living in Capri is of course a fantastic source of images and ideas. The island with its colours, its history, its landscape is a constant reminder of beauty and unexpected contrasts. I also travel a lot and thanks to this constant back and forth from international surroundings to the beauty of Capri I always have fresh and new energy that I express in designing my jewellery collection. I also do special research to find wonderful natural and precious stones that I combine with interesting materials in order to enhance the beauty and femininity of the ladies that choose my collection.

Well, we could spend hours to talk to Grazia and Marica, their energy is contagious, the place they live is marvellous, full of history and beauty. I really hope, dear readers you will soon have a chance to go to Capri and visit their shop and look at their jewellery collections or, if you are in New York, don’t miss your chance to look for their booth at Bergdorf & Goodman on 5th Avenue.


Visita il loro sito!

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