profiloThis week, our Vetrina dei Talenti is devoted to an entrepreneur project recently launched by Davide Tronzano, together with a team of three multi-professional young italians.

I met Davide thanks to Professor Stefania Saviolo, while attending a conference at Bocconi. At the time, he was working at Bacardi and I was still working at Swarovski. It was by starting to chat about spirits and traditional Italian habits like “aperitivo” that we realized we had a lot of ideas in common and since then we have always shared projects and advises.

Davide was born in Torino. In 2006, he took a General Management Degree specializing in Fashion and Design at Bocconi University Milan. He started his professional career in Paris at Fendi. He then continued working in luxury moving along to brands like Bacardi-Martini. Within all his projects, Davide also tried to launch a jewelry Collection but, as he frankly says, such a concept never saw the light because he didn’t have the right technical background to make it happen.

Today Davide has reached this technical background and last month, on June 10 th, he and his team launched WOWCRACY, a new fashion website for designers to pre-sell their latest fashion collections of garments and accessories.


WOWCRACY is the fashion Kickstarter. It’s a secure and dedicated fashion showcase only focusing on fashion projects. As image is important, WOWCRACY talks the fashion language. With WOWCRACY, designers are on the spotlight. Customers pre-buy straight from the designers and there are no risks. The product is showcased, if customers like it, orders are collected, money goes straight to the designer who has then enough funds to start production and deliver. Davide believes that such a service could work well in jewellery as well as in watches, as in those fields the overall system is more flexible especially when we talk about sizes.

WOWCRACY is multi –professional; here are the team members : Lucas Vigliocco, a very young guy with a marketing degree at IED. His dream is to become an entrepreneur and he does it with a lot of passion.

Marco Torello and Andrea Gulisano, two great professionals as Davide emphasises. Marco heads technology, and Davide adds that he always likes challenges and always tries to make things better, a normal human being would be afraid of problems whereas Marco welcomes them and always tries to go ahead. Andrea is back to Europe from the MBA at MIT in Boston and he is now eager to make everything right and contributes to this project roll out.

WOWCRACY co-operates with Vogue Talents in order to support young designers. “Our aim is to help young designers”, says Davide.”We love the fact that we are doing something useful and often the product is not enough. With our showcase we give the possibility to sell the product in the most direct way. There are no barriers, it is like an endless fashion show where anyone can pre-order. You, the consumer, is the buyer and thanks to this showcase you can give energy and support the new fashion trends.”

Davide and his team work closely with the main aim to support the designers. They are in constant contact with them. If the project works out well they all enjoy it but in case something doesn’t perform, they help the designer with advises on collection assortment and new strategy.

I know Davide already since a while and every time we meet he has a new project and a new challenge so what would be his next step…?  “Write a book…” he says, so stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted on Davide’s next projects but for the time being welcome to WOWCRACY and wish you and the designers plenty of success!

If you want to share an idea with Davide about your next fashion Jewellery collection you can write to