Muzo Launches New Emerald Jewelry Collaboration

Such an inspiring collaboration the one launched by MUZO together with an incredible group of women, who designed unique pieces featuring the most precious and responsibly mined emeralds. The collection features pieces perfect for gifting, as well as high-end masterpieces.

The pieces showcase the range of emeralds embodied in each designer’s style, according to their own identity and storytelling.
The extremely creative artist and designers in the collaboration include Silvia Furmanovich, Nina Runsdorf, Colette, Harwell Godfrey, Katherine Jetter, Jenna Blake, Loren Nicole, Michelle Fantaci, Robinson Pelham, and Sorellina.

Some of them have created pieces that recall the most beautiful life memories, others have used the opportunity to experiment with unique combinations of unconventional materials (such as wood or bamboo) and the most precious gems, others have expanded their collections by creating pieces featuring lines which are reminiscent of ancient styles used in fascinating native cultures.

I find this initiative extremely engaging and interesting. Cooperation and networking between talented creatives is always a winning card and leads to the most surprising results.