I have been in Vienna many times thanks to my job at Swarovski. Interesting enough, I never had the opportunity to visit the city the way I wanted as I was most of the time busy with meetings, business dinners and so on…

Two weeks ago, back in Vienna for work reason, I finally found myself with a free evening and really walked the city and appreciated it at its best.


Vienna has this majestic allure of its past history hence the people are elegant, nice but also easy going and relaxed. I was pretty amazed to see a lot of young people around, all enjoying life and being together in a very nice and civilized way. The city itself is pretty elegant and next to the cafè, tea rooms and bakerei I spotted a lot of interesting and fancy shops.

My favorites:

ANNA – What an intriguing jewelry shop! Anna makes her own selection of jewelry but she also designs and carries her own line. The shop windows have fake ballerina to carry the jewelry and the inside of the shop is even more beautiful with graffiti on the walls and a general atmosphere that reminds you of Bohemian times still carrying an interesting sense of contemporary.


JahreszeitenJahreseiten – Fashion and accessories shop. All labels are displayed creating interesting looks. From the most famous brands such as Celine, Balenciaga, Chloé and the creations of young designers. The overall is combined into an atmosphere of elegant decadence with mirrors and wooden details to give it the right flavor.

Wolfesson – A bit away from the main square, the overall architecture of the shop is quite intriguing, a bit masculine even though the shop carries products for men and women.  I was invited to go in because they displayed interesting silver jewelry so I felt curious to know more. They carry a collection from Goti, an Italian designer that I didn’t know before that stroke my attention because of the interesting usage of 925 silver. The fashion assortment is also quite neat and well determined, in a nut shell quite daring for the Viennese atmosphere.


So it was great to discover Vienna in a new way, and thanks to my job that allows me to travel and visit interesting cities.