DonatellaAs some of you might know, Geneva represents for me the “dream city”. I left Geneva after University but since a few years I often go there for various projects.

Going there means “cooconing” because I always stay with my dearest friends. They are so welcoming and sensitive that I feel like being at a second home, sometimes I feel even better than at home….. as with them I can leave away the buzz, and the speedy rhythm of my hectic life between kids, work and various activities. What I also love in Geneva is the fact that despite being the centre of international organizations, banks, offices, people are relaxed and during a work break you can walk by the lake or in a park and discover the beauty of nature.



Two weeks ago, the WIPO (World International Property Organization) organized an exhibition completely devoted to Italian design in cooperation with ADI /Associazione per il Disegno Industriale). Beautiful pieces of home decor found their natural location in the softness and peacefulness of the tidy rooms of WIPO new building.


In the same week, Geneva also gave me the opportunity to catch up with the Bachelor and Master students of HEAD and learn more about an exhibition that was inaugurated on Oct 2d in Paris:

Le secret de l’art, l’art du secret”

In the wonderful location of Fondation Suisse, one of the most famous Le Corbusier Palais in Paris, 43 Swiss designers are showing their jewelry pieces. Each “famous” designer hosts a “young” designer in order to offer them the same spotlight and give them the opportunity to be visible to an international and larger audience. The exhibition belongs to the activities of Circuit Bijoux and this time it was up to Nicole Bremond and Jean-Yves Le Mignot to organize the whole event. So, once again, young talents grow up… well done to all the Bachelor Students and to the Head Alumni… most of you have been my students in the past and it’s a joy to see you making your way.

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