Florie Dupont

Florie Dupont’s jewellery is influenced by the symbolism of vanitas: her organic and vegetal inspirations evoke the eternal and the perishable all at once.

Trained in studio jewellery, Florie Dupont reworks the aesthetic codes of classic high jewellery. Her mastery of traditional techniques enables her to reinterpret them in a personal vein. The traditional art of stone setting is her mark, both a distinguishing feature of her work and one of her main assets. Her jewellery merges an artistic and personal voice with the use of traditional jewellery skills. With this unique combination, her designs bridge the worlds of fine jewellery and contemporary art.

Florie Dupont has opened her workshop in France, right next to the Swiss border, in the region of Geneva, one of the international capitals of high jewellery and horology. She collaborates with a close knit network of Swiss manufacturers. All the jewellery is set and made in her workshop.





Photos by Nicolas Schopfer