Austrian Mint

Austrian Mint is located in Vienna and is responsible for minting Austrian coins. Since 1989 it has been a public limited company and a subsidiary of the National Bank of Austria.

September 2013 – may 2014 : support in developing  a 14Kt gold jewelry collection starting from the stylistic identity related to the coins core business.

Strategic Marketing : analysis of Austrian and international fine jewelry markets to define the right collection positioning; overview of commercial trends; trend scouting of key directions for the project – starting from Austrian national culture and its main features.

Design : trend research and definition of key directions in line with marketing strategy; specific inputs on collection structure and price points.

Design concept : research and definition of design schools able to handle the project, brief to the students and follow up on their work, presentation to Austrian Mint and final choice of best proposals.

Production : research of right producer and brief for collection sampling; definition of quality standards and aesthetical requirements.

Follow up and launch : research of a senior designer who could work on the coins archive hence mixing the students’ proposals.

Operational marketing : in progress. The collection has been launched end of 2017.