I finally met him…

TheSartorialistOr I should say I finally was able to sit and listen to him…

Yes, last night Domus Academy room 11 was full with people, a young, cosmopolitan crowd eager to listen to Scott Schuman and discover more about his life, his passion, his work.

Scott  had a dream, he had a wish and made it true. Thanks to his passion, the photography, he was able to get out from the boring surrounding of his native town in Usa and become a famous photographer, blogger and today he has a say in the fashion world and hence  he still remains natural, spontaneous and why not MOLTO SIMPATICO!!!


I was inspired by his energy, by his wish to stay with the young kids giving them the hope that if you believe in something, you have to go ahead and often choose the most difficult path if you really believe in it.

It’s a matter of putting a bet on yourself, if you have a dream, if you have a passion, go for it and try to be different from the others. Take inspiration by the great masters but at the same time go your way and find your personality and make it standing out.

ScottphotoSo much has been said about Scott Schuman, if you look at his blog you’ll soon discover what made him so special and, as he likes to say, his photos are like intimate paintings… like Manet so what counts for him now is taking out the most personal feelings from the people he shoots in the streets, the individuality out of the fashion crowds!

… thank you Scott, it was a very nice and interesting “ping-pong” conference.

I’ll keep on following you in your intimate journeys in the most fashionable capitals in the world and hope to be soon in one of your pictures…