A city, a dress, a piece of jewelry……style and charm for each new destination


Every city carries its own mood, each new destination represents a new way to look at ourselves and each new location requires the right dress and accessory.

Here is a patchwork of story boards inspired by the most fascinating destinations for the seasons to come.


Capri, “the Island” by excellence. The informal dressing hence elegant, a nature color explosion and a breathtaking landscape.


New York, “the city that never sleeps”.  The dynamics of one of the most sparkling cities in the world.


Istanbul, the magic of East and contemporaneity of West: two worlds so different but magically fusing in this city.


Ibiza, summer, long evenings by the beach, joy, amusement in a city that made of “savoir vivre” its motto.


Merano, the mountain beauty, the silence of long walks, green and untouched nature for a very relaxing vacation.


Santorini, into the blue and magnificence of seaside and sunset. The ideal destination for a vacation fully indulged in this color.


Nizza, cote d’azur charm, the chic elegance hence low profile and casual.


India, the Maraja palais, the strenght of spices and essences, all protected into the strongs shades of gold and ocre.

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