Vendome Luxury show in Paris: Ilenia Corti for Vernissage Project

Eclectic, imaginative, passionate, whimsical…here are some of the adjectives to describe Ilenia Corti, the face and the creative soul behind Vernissage Project.

I met Ilenia a few years ago; I love the strong creativity she associates with the basic and precise rules of fine jewelry.
It is not by chance that her background is from this universe: a jewellers’ family who taught her the passion and the rules of precious manufacturing so important when you work in this business.


VERNISSAGE JEWELLERY ART.113 Lysergic version articulated firefly pendant 925 silver with diams and with chain

VERNISSAGE JEWELLERY art 65 imperial moths necklace 925 silver enamel lysergic colors

Today Ilenia works for various brands in the jewelry and accessories world but her collections for Vernissage Project invite us into a world with a different approach to nature.

Her collections always play with the subtle and impalpable balance between the childish and naïf vision with the pragmatical adult view.
Every piece is “the crystallisation” of a fragment of this magic and fairy micro cosmos.

VERNISSAGE JEWELLERY ART.29 lysergic bracelet 925 brown silver enamel diamonds

VERNISSAGE JEWELLERY ART 152 articulated firefly ring 925 green silver

VERNISSAGE jewellery ART 152 articulated firefly ring 925 black silver


Discover her collections in Paris at Vendome Luxury at Hotel Meurice from March 5th to 10th.


Portrait by Sara Mautone

Portrait by Sara Mautone

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