Caterina Zucchi and her Studiozero-Vetro


Many times I found myself saying: 2this piece of jewelry talks to me “…. I love this expression, which summarizes the feeling that a piece of jewelry gives to me and the immediate wish to take it in my hands and wears it.
This happened recently when I saw Caterina Zucchi’s creations at last Homi exhibition.
Jewellery in Murano glass, blown glass and not, produced with the “Lumen technique”… oh yes because Caterina is first of all a great glass manufacturer as she studied this technique and today not only she applies it to her creations, but she also teaches it to young talents.
“The lumen technique” allows melting the glass with a blowtorch. It is an antique technique and famous for baroque glass pearls and it’s the way Caterina produces her jewellery : an example of magical balance between fragility and aesthetics, ergonomic and colour perfection.



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