Marine Stampfli


After her Bachelor degree at Head Geneva and the achievement of Excellence Prize Hans Wildsdorf, Marine moves to Scotland where she accomplishes a Master in Jewellery Design at Edimburgh University. She is now settled in London where she works part-time since two years as Production Director for a jewellery company and has created her own design studio “Ateliers Stampfli”.
 She uses fair trade gold as well as ecosilver (an alternative to silver which is 100% recycled).

She is presently working on her own collection and works for various designers as freelance.

She likes to define her work in this way : “In my work I aim to interpret my emotions into physical objects. The process of making my pieces is like a therapy as it helps me to understand my emotions.
My collection of jewellery explores contrasts such as external/internal, private/public, visceral/skin. I choose to capture an emotion in order to be able to access it again and again. Making it tactile is another important aspect of my work; the memory remains vivid through the sense of touch”.





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