Chantecler – una nuova collezione e un libro – vernissage lo scorso 12 febbraio nella sede milanese della Maison in Via Gesù 21

Chantecler Anima ambientata

Chantecler introduces a new jewelry collection, a real celebration of the brand values expressed through the most well-known iconic symbols such as the Bell, the Roaster, the Logo, the Horn and Joyful.

All these symbols, elegant heroes of many collections that throughout the years have been depicting the brand story as well as its artisan “savoir faire” are today reintroduced as absolute icons, interpreted in a contemporary way combining gold, yellow or rose, to a charming material such as mother of pearl: precious evocation of the sea, of Capri island, of nature precious gifts as immense source of inspiration.

Last Thursday evening was also devoted to the the presentation of the new book, published by Rizzoli, “Capri Jewels- the Love and Creation of Beauty, describing Chantecler enchanting story.

The book tells the story of Chantecler founder, Pietro Capuano, who in 1947, together with his associate Salvatore Aprea, opens the boutique that still exists today and introduces the famous jewelry collection that embraces the whole Capri soul and spirit.

Capuano, a handsome and talented man, extremely passionate about “dolce vita”, lived from 1935 in Maisonette Chantecler of Sopramonte. The name came from a gift received during the inauguration: a porcelain roaster inspired by Edmond Rostand fairy tale that became the nick name and brand logo.

The book tells the whole Chantecler narrative aesthetics, the color and precious stone choice: emerald, rubies, sapphires always set with the same ironical and playful approach; the sea-side treasures, the white, rose and red corals, pearls, mother of pearls, the techniques.

Chantecler story is a constant celebration of Capri paradise, from collection to collection, a beauty hymn emphasizing flowers, colors, essence and the atmosphere that made so many celebrities fall in love with it: Grace Kelly, Linda Darnell, Ingrid Bergman and Jacqueline Kennedy who left this message in the boutique: “Thank you to your artistic taste, my fabulous Chantecler”.

The book in two languages, Italian and English is written by Alba Cappellieri, Design Professor at Milan Politecnico and Enrico Mannucci, Corriere della Sera journalist. It is a fascinating archive of photos, sketches and vintage images.


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