VICENZAORO GENNAIO 2015 – Fori e trafori, il trend è verso nuove geometrie


mood geo

The return to geometry in the jewelry world, a wish to discover new dimensions and volumes thanks to the usage of simple shapes that, once are assembled together, create an innovative harmonious appeal. Empty and full are spaced so as to enhance the new platings and the usage of diamonds with new tones and shades. Talento Italiano, young brand hence full of energy, passion and ideas introduces two sets in this mood.


Inspired by the ancient Italian tradition of embroidery, the collection is a real tribute to the elegance and the grace of women.

INFINITO bracelet

INFINITO pendantsanello INFINITO



Inspired by the atmosphere and by the great “culture” of the Art Nouveau time, the collection embodies its most significant and distinguishing elements: the floral motif, the love for nature, the lightness of the lines, the use of gems whimsically matched together.

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