24 ore a Capri

finestre luce

Capri island wakes up in summer time and becomes the ideal destination for the most selective tourism. Events, shows, unforgettable evenings animate the island for the whole season. Arriving to Capri offers you a beautiful view on the magnificent coast rich in small caves and coves, the sea colours leave you breathless. Walking from the upper part allows you to discover “the Faraglioni” that create a scenographic appeal and then, the enchanted nature leaves room to the jet-set glamorous life in the Piazzetta – unexpected catch ups, the most colourful elegance and the wish people have to enjoy themselves just if the island would cut the link to everyday reality.


Grazia and Marica Vozza live in Capri and in Via Fuorlovado, walking a few steps down under a colourful bouganville, you reach their cozy gallery store. Twin sisters, so similar hence so different : Grazia’s creativity and Marica’s pragmatism make them an effervescent and fascinating mix. My visit to Capri leads me to discover their new space completely devoted to the Collection “Windows of Light”. The idea comes from the sinous profile of the Moresque small window since ever the main character of their Fuorlovado store – reminiscent symbol of the old Capri history.

vozza finestre luce

Here are then jewellery pieces that express the love and the freedom to create that since ever nurture Grazia and Marica’s choices. “Window of light” pieces are designed in different sizes, with special colour treatments. They can be a pendant and then you choose a long chain or you go for the smaller proportions and you wear it around the wrists adding them together. The collection is also characterised by small rings “falangine” summer must have together with evening small handbags, hand made in the most unusual colors. Jewellery with a charming appeal , accessories that dress you up because they can be mixed and matched in pure Capri style.

This is why Grazia and Marica Jewellery is so requested by the international clientele – their elegance makes us dream and feel part of the magical Capri atmosphere. Their brand is distributed also in the States at Bergdorf & Goodman , a dreamy moment in the never stopping chaos of the big Apple!

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